Prevailing On Punitive Damages Issues

Civil cases typically allow for loss, injury or damages in the form of property damages, bodily injury damages for past and future medical expenses and wages, and non-economic damages in the form of pain and suffering.

However, certain cases that involve intentional, reckless, grossly negligent and/or criminal behavior may also give rise to punitive damages, which are intended to punish the alleged bad actor.  These damages must be pled specifically and a proffer of evidence made to the Judge.  If granted, these matters are tried in phase two of the trial and require special knowledge and experience.

At Sellars, Marion, Bachi & Contri, P.A. we have defended against punitive damages claims for over 30 years and understand the intricacies and nuances required to prevail before the Judge and Jury.

Supporting Related Criminal Case

These cases tend to progress alongside with a corresponding criminal case wherein the alleged bad actor is also facing criminal prosecution. This requires coordination in strategy with the criminal defense team as well as implications regarding the Fifth Amendment Right against self-incrimination.

These matters also typically involve high profile cases that carry with it significant press coverage and notoriety, which can taint the potential jury pool, requiring experience, finesse and tact throughout litigation and trial.

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