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Many types of personal injury claims arise out of the ownership, possession, maintenance and/or use of real property. Landowners and possessors are required to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition so that visitors on their property are not injured by unsafe conditions. Premises liability cases often involve slip-and-fall accidents, where walkways are alleged to be in poor condition, containing foreign substances or other objects allegedly causing a person to fall.

To recover damages in a slip-and-fall case, the claimant has to establish that the property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous conditions and done something about it. For over 30 years, the attorneys at Sellars, Marion, Bachi & Contri, P.A. have represented business owners and handled hundreds of slip and fall and other premises liability accidents.

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Premises liability cases also include serious crimes or attacks that occur on the property that could have been prevented through the use of better lighting, security or, in some cases, more substantial security.  These types of claims are a subset of premises liability claims. They arise out of the obligations a property owner has duties he or she owes to those invited upon his or her property. When criminal incidents occur on someone’s property, the adequacy of the security on the property is often called into question. Often these cases can be disposed of by summary judgment because they are difficult to prove.  In these types of cases, a security expert is required, and we have worked with some of the leading experts in the country when handling these cases on behalf of business owners.  At Sellars, Marion, Bachi & Contri, P.A., we are extremely experienced when it comes to evaluating and identifying whether conditions are safe or unsafe.

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