Help Is Here In Cases Involving Serious Injuries

Personal injury claims involve bodily injury caused by the alleged negligence of another. The most common types of personal injury claims are motor vehicle accidents and accidents that happen on someone else’s property, which are generally referred to as premises liability claims. However, there are many other types of personal injury claims, including those resulting from alleged assaults, medical malpractice and dangerous products.

At Sellars, Marion, Bachi & Contri, P.A., we have defended personal injury claims for more than 30 years, including cases involving significant injuries. From our office in West Palm Beach, we have tried cases throughout the state of Florida.

Favorable Results in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Car accidents are the most commonly known personal injury cases.  With advances in accident reconstruction and Electronic Data Module (EDR) “black box” technology in motor vehicles, these cases have become exceedingly costly and complex to litigate through trial.  We have represented thousands of people and businesses involved in crashes and have experience defending and prosecuting claims. At Sellars, Marion, Bachi & Contri, P.A., we pride ourselves for our prompt, aggressive and favorable resolution of these cases.

Experienced With Complex Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Litigating tractor-trailer and trucking accidents is often complicated, as these types of claims often involve several different theories. For example, there may be claims against a trucking company for negligent hiring, training or supervision of the driver, or issues of negligence in the maintenance of the tractor or trailer. There may also be claims that the trailer was overloaded and overweight, or that the company had pushed the driver to reach his or her ultimate destination ahead of schedule. These cases often require the retention of several experts and are costly to litigate. We have a long history of defending these complex claims and in doing so have developed extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

Trial Attorneys For Underride Accidents

Tractor-trailer underride accidents occur when the front of a passenger vehicle, especially a smaller passenger car, contacts the rear or side of a truck trailer. Because oftentimes the front end of a small passenger car is only 30 inches above the ground, and the truck trailer is usually more than 45 inches above the ground, the passenger vehicle can underride the trailer and the bed of the trailer can intrude into the occupant’s compartment causing serious injuries. Truck trailers designed after 1996 are equipped with rear ICC bumpers at 22 inches above the ground. These bumpers can assist with “riding down” an impact and in some instances prevent underrides from occurring. Of course, much depends upon the speed of the vehicles upon impact and other factors, all of which make this area of litigation very complex. Over the years we at Sellars, Marion, Bachi & Contri, P.A., have successfully defended truck trailer manufacturers and distributors against such product liability claims and in doing so have gained significant experience in this field.

Years Of Experience With Product Liability Cases

Product liability claims are claims against manufacturers and those in the chain of distribution of a product that allegedly causes injury or harm to a person because it is defective and unreasonably dangerous. Those potentially liable include distributors as well as retailers. These cases are complex, require a tremendous amount of time and expense to prepare, and often involve numerous technical experts. We at Sellars, Marion, Bachi & Contri, P.A. have extensive experience defending these types of claims for a wide variety of clients..

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