Decoding the Complex World of Coverage and Bad Faith

We Have Represented Primary and Excess Carriers in Bad Faith Issues

There is a unique relationship between an insured, an insurance carrier and an attorney assigned to represent an insured by an insurance carrier. Sellars, Marion, Bachi & Contri, P.A. is trained and experienced in the nuance and intricacies of this tripartite relationship. Insurance companies owe their policyholders and excess carriers a duty of good faith when they handle a claim, meaning they must act honestly and fairly toward their insured, protect their insureds interests and settle a case against their insured if they can and should do so under the circumstances. At Sellars, Marion, Bachi & Contri, P.A., we handle complex litigation involving these issues. We have represented excess carriers who have been exposed to large excess verdicts as a result of bad faith handling of the primary carrier.  As a result, we are able to properly navigate these potentially treacherous waters and facilitate a successful result for those we represent.

Decades of Evaluating Coverage Issues

Determining what may or may not be covered under their insurance policies often arise when litigation strikes. When coverage issues arise, those issues affect everything, including the potential for the amicable resolution of the cases.  It is imperative to have experienced lawyers who routinely analyze insurance policies to determine how they apply to each unique set of facts.  Florida case law is ever evolving on these issues and we stay abreast on the most recent Appellate and Supreme Court rulings.  We have been providing thorough and researched coverage opinions for decades.

Zealously Representing the Interests of the Insureds

Insurance policies are drafted by the insurance company. The individual insured is generally not at liberty to change the terms and provisions of the policy. Because of this, courts generally construe insurance policies in favor of policyholders if the provisions are reasonably interpreted differently. Moreover, statutory provisions provide for the recovery of attorney’s fees.  We have had the pleasure of serving as coverage counsel for carriers and personal counsel for individuals and entities in assisting in navigating the complicated waters of coverage litigation.

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