Decades Of Experience Defending Insureds

There are many complex legal principles that apply to insuring agreements based in common law and Florida statutes. Because of this, when litigating an insured matter, it is important to hire a law firm with strong skills in this area of the law. At Sellars, Marion, Bachi & Contri, P.A., we are such a firm. We have represented individuals and insurance companies in thousands of matters involving the construction and interpretation of insuring agreements over the past 30 plus years.

Providing Insurance Defense Since 1988

Individuals who are insured under an insurance policy are provided a defense by their insurance carrier when, due to their alleged negligence, they have injured another party. Insurance companies sometimes retain the services of independent law firms to represent their insureds in such civil actions. Over the years, we have been retained by a number of different insurance carriers to represent their insureds in personal injury actions. We have also been retained by many insurance carriers to represent their interests in claims brought directly against them by injured parties as well as their insureds. Since 1988, the Sellars, Marion, Bachi & Contri, P.A. legal team has represented thousands of individuals and companies at the request of insurance carriers in cases involving catastrophic injuries as well as those involving nonexistent to minor injuries.

Seek Experienced Counsel to Defend Your Insured

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